vendredi 26 novembre 2010

Drag and drop would be difficult though :)

First blog : Introduction.

Hi ! I'm making this blog to present the results of my work on Pitivi, the open source video editor that is shipped with ubuntu 10.04. My git branches (not always up to date :) are available here :
As I currently am unemployed, I have found quite a lot of time to mess with pitivi's source code, and produced some enhancement features that were suggested in the Pitivi_love wiki.
At the moment, I work on a feature that no doubt people will like. It's the ability to browse youtube's videos within pitivi (see screenshot), directly stream them ( a bit like totem's plugin that actually does not work for me :) and download them. They are then added to the sourcelist, where you can edit them as usual clips ( to make a cool video playlist with fancy transitions for example ?).
The retrieval of the video can also be done directly with its url, and I just implemented the processing of dailymotion's urls as well. Direct streaming is not available for the moment with this method, but it can be implemented quite easily. One could also add a lot of ways to retrieve contents online with this method. The search is permitted by google gdata API, but a download address can however be figured out from google video and other kinds of online streamers. GData also provides an API to search Picasa, I dont know to what extent it would be useful in a video editor. Any feedback appreciated, have a nice day :)