vendredi 3 juin 2011

Second weekly report for GSoC

Here is my weekly report for the second week of GSoC :

Hi !

I've spent my week refactoring my formatter, and after successfully integrating the effects handling, I've banged my head against the track objects wall.

My first version worked fine, but I had worked around the following problem in a way that was not the ideal one :

When you create a timeline object, the track objects are not immediately created, and when timeline objects are ungrouped in Pitivi, you want to access the track objects of the timeline file sources to move them accordingly. I worked that around by creating two file sources when needed, and setting one mute and the other blind.

My new version added a "track-object-added" signal to GESTimelineObject, which I caught to move the track objects accordingly. This worked fine, but there is now another trouble : transitions added after track objects were created are not taken into account, even if GST_DEBUG tells me they were really added. I have a good test case that shows that, and I pushed that yesterday for bilboed and thiblahute to have a look.

I just started to have a look at the unhandled argtypes in the bindings, and I will work this week-end to get back in my schedule.

I'll be able to use the old version of the formatter to start integrating it anyway, for the API will not change when the refactoring is done.

By the next report, I plan to have finished the bindings, to have them merged soon, cause other GSoCers will need them. I will then start the integration, to reach the goal of my mid-term evaluation : having pitivi load projects, and see them in the viewer.

Have a good week-end :)